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What do I wear?

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The never-ending dilemma that we ALL have had at one time or another.  Some of us on a daily basis.

For those of us obsessed with our style, this can seriously delay our actually getting TO the party/event/etc greatly.

So as any good fashion stylist would recommend, you always need your staples in the closet (LBD, white linen dress, floral sun dress or whatever your style dictates).

BUT you really should consider adding some WOW pieces to your closet to pull out for those times when absolutely NOTHING looks good and you can't seem to pull yourself out of the funk that you're in fashion-wise.  Yes, we hear the significant other or friends/family mentioning the time and the amount of travel time needed to get there within reason but we just can't get it together.  It's the times that you need a special piece that speaks volumes.  You need to make a statement today.  The LBD just won't do.  These are the times when you need a KAFTAN.  That's right girls, every girl must have at least one kaftan in their closet.  

Reason 1:  No matter how out of shape you are, bloated beyond belief or just overall unhappy with your figure today, THIS will make it all better INSTANTLY.  Just a quick wisp over your head and Voila! Nothing else is needed.  Which brings me to...

Reason 2: If you go for the embellished and/or printed styles, they have your built-in accessories already on the garment so no need to waste any more time thinking about what accessories you need and "where the heck" they might be in this mount of clothes that has taken over your bedroom.  Not that you could actually FIND any of your accessories anyway so why worry?  

Reason 3: Without a doubt, as soon as you make an entrance (and you will) regardless of the incessant negative self-talk that's still going on in your head about how you THINK you look.'re cool as a cucumber & comfortable.  Most everyone else will be tugging at too-short hemlines, fixing bra straps, scratching those annoying tags and feeling like they might LOOK good but they certainly don't FEEL good with all that going on.

Reason 4: NO ONE (and I repeat) NO ONE will have on what you have on.  FOR SURE.  No looking around the room all day or night to make sure that someone else didn't snag that same BeBe dress on clearance at the mall that you chose in a hurry cause you HAD to have something new and WHY does everyone think going to the mall will get you something fabulous?  Do you really want to look like anyone else?  

Reason 5:  At least one person will comment on how stylish you look.  And they will certainly be envious of your comfort & uniqueness while everyone else is in black or red or pink or blue, you're working ALL THAT and more in a one-of-a-kind print that none of them would ever know where to get such a cool dress (they'll refer to it as a dress cause they won't be sure exactly what it is).  WIN! 

Reason 6: You can wear flats and it's recommended!  No uncomfortable pumps squishing your toes or rubbing your heels the whole time and turning down the cute guy who asked you to dance cause your feet hurt so bad.  How can you look sexy when your feet hurt? Blisters are not sexy...just saying'...

Reason 7: Kaftans are timeless.  You can keep this beloved garment in your closet for many, many years to come and even hand it down to your daughter as your Mom may have to you if you grew up in the 70's.  Boho/Gypsy/Free Spirit style is in and in a BIG way so rock that funky confident look!  

Fashion insider self-stylist you've got it going on!  Work that room and listen for all the whispered comments such as "where did she find that amazing _____(fill in the blank).  Yes ladies, it's called a KAFTAN.  Then you can wow them with what is is and why it's so utterly fabulous.  (smile)  

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  • gloriby: May 22, 2015

    Theres always something pretty from luxe isle that I love to wear

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